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Accelerated Tax & Insurance Services provides unparalleled personalized tax preparation services to a broad range of clients across the Atlanta area. As your professional Tax Preparers, we are here to ensure that your tax return is prepared carefully and with your best interests in mind. We are ready and able to serve you and we guarantee that you will receive the maximum allowable refund.


Individual Tax Preparation

Accelerated Tax & Insurance specializes in a wide variety of tax preparation services for our clients. Our team has the experience and qualifications to provide expertise in several areas including individual federal and state tax preparation, electronic filing and amended returns. We are open year round and have been serving our clients for more than 9 years.

Amended Returns

 If, after filing a current or previous tax return, you discover or receive tax documents that may increase your tax refund or help decrease or eliminate tax amounts owed, you may bring these documents into any of our locations and our Tax Professionals will amend (modify/make corrections) that tax return for a nominal fee.

Max Check


Accelerated Tax & Insurance provides a personalized review of your current and prior years tax return to ensure you've received the maximum refund. Our trained professionals carefully review your tax return to identify any mistakes, missed credits, or inaccurate filing statuses. Any of these mistakes can greatly reduce your refund.



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The Accelerated Tax  Approach 

 As we look toward the future, we look forward to building stronger relationships with our clients and Affiliates; and to continuing to uphold our tradition of excellence in the tax services industry through the extension of a dedicated, highly-trained, diverse network of affiliates, through employing progressive technology and through promoting professionalism.

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 First time with Accelerated Tax

First year with Accelerated Tax Service and it has been an absolute pleasure. Ms. Kenya Roberts is more than a tax preparer, she is down to earth and she allows you to explain your situation so that she can guarantee the best results, she is a true TAX PROFESSIONAL with results you can literally take to the bank! Thanks so much Kenya, and I encourage any and everyone reading to check her out at Accelerated Tax & Insurance Service, Inc.

Jasmine Register